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5 Useful tips to drink gin and tonic

5 Useful tips to drink gin and tonic

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect gin and tonic? Well, there isn't a straight answer for that, however, we will give you some useful suggestions that will make your experience with gin a little better.

1 - Use the right glass

Gin should be drunk in a balloon glass, because it traps the aromas and the botanical flavours of the drink and gives it a better tasting. Its large capacity also allows more space for the ice cubes and the lemon peel or the lime zest.
So, the next time you drink this spirit, we suggest you to leave the tall glass for other drinks.

2 - Fill your glass with lots of ice cubes

The main purpose of the ice cubes is to cool the drink, without watering it down. You should fill your gin with plenty of ice cubes, but they shouldn't be small because they will dilute it faster. These ice cubes will keep your drink chilled and make it more pleasant to taste. Make sure to drain off the water that accumulated in the glass before pouring down the gin.

3 - Use the right gin quantity

Sometimes people tend to put more gin than they should which will obviously influence the taste of the drink. The commonly recommended is to put 1/4 of gin. So, if you put 5cl of gin, you should put 20cl of tonic water to balance it. This will make the drink smoother and tastier.

4 - Buy tonic with good quality

The tonic should be on the same level as the gin. If you are drinking a premium gin, make sure you buy a good tonic without artificial flavours.
You shouldn't shake the tonic water before pouring it down, because it will break the bubbles and lose its refreshing character. While pouring it, make sure you do it slowly in order not to lose the gas of the tonic. You can use a swizzle spoon if you have, because it will help you in this process. 
And always remember, a cheap tonic can ruin your drink!

5 - Use the garnish wisely

The garnish that you use can deeply change your drink, so you need to combine the garnish with the gin in a perfect way. Always read the gin description in order to use the garnish cleverly. For example, if you are drinking a gin with citrus notes, you can add lime, orange, grapefruit or lemon to enhance the flavour. If you want to enhance the floral flavour of the gin, you can use rosemary, lavender or cucumber as garnishes. 

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