Adamus Dry Gin - Cocktail of the Month: January. Check it out! – ADAMUS
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Adamus Dry Gin - Cocktail of the Month: January

Adamus Dry Gin - Cocktail of the Month: January

A new year has begun, holidays are over, but that doesn't mean we cannot celebrate properly. With January or as, many people say, Dry January almost over, it's time to prepare an elegant cocktail that will fit in any celebration.

This is the case of Cocktail Blog, who presented us this delicious cocktail, with a fresh and citrus flavour, simple to prepare but it will certainly surprise you. 

How to prepare:

  • Plenty of ice;
  • 5cl of Adamus Dry Gin;
  • 10cl Citrus Sweet Tonic (Tailored or Fever Tree);

Garnish it with a lemon thyme and an orange zest and it's ready.

This cocktail enhances the fruity and citrus notes of our dry gin.

Cocktail of January - Adamus



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