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The Botanicals in Adamus Organic Dry Gin

Adamus Organic Dry Gin, an unmistakable gin

With a complex flavor and strong aromatic character, Adamus Organic Dry Gin contains 18 individually distilled botanicals, which give the gin a fresh, fruity/citrusy, floral, and spicy soul.

With a sublime spirit, Adamus promises to reinvent the experience of gin drinking.

Our botanicals

The Starting Line

Baga Grape Variety

The Baga grape is the ex-libris of Bairrada, our region, in Portugal. The Baga grape gives to the gin softness, structure, and terroir.


Juniper is the base of every gin.

Juniper provides Adamus its structure as a whole.


The spicy side

The combination of cinnamon, which gives exotic flavors; ginger, which gives an aromatic and spicy profile; and cardamom, which combines sweetness and freshness, gives Adamus its spicy touch, giving a mouthfeel persistence.

The floral side

Used in Ancient Rome, Lavender has several aromatic properties giving a floral touch to the entire gin. Combined with Lavender, we added Hibiscus, which will give the gin a smooth and elegant touch, thus complementing the floral side.

The citrus side


The orange, a rich fruit in vitamin C, gives a citrus and fruity touch that balances the entire aromatic structure. To the orange, we add the lemon that gives the freshness and balances its entire aromatic structure

The fresh side

Pennyroyal's traditional from Portugal. This plant has an intense and penetrating aroma, reminiscent of mint.

The combination of Pennyroyal with Sage balances the structure of the gin, complementing the floral side and adding its freshness.

Carefully distilled botanicals

All botanicals used in the Adamus Organic Dry Gin are 100% organic. They were carefully selected and manually distilled by masters in the art of distillation to extract the maximum flavors of the botanists.

These are steam distilled, in a careful process, one by one in traditional copper columns.

With a persistent mouthfeel and a deep and robust profile, Adamus Organic Dry Gin rout of discovery to the different senses. The different sides of the gin are perfectly balanced, where none overlaps the other but complements each other in a perfect symbiosis.


 What is your favorite botanical?

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