About Adamus Dry Gin – ADAMUS
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Logo of Adamus Dry Gin

The Brand

  • After decades of knowledge acquired in this field, we decided to create a premium and distinct experience. The diamond in each bottle represents the creation process of a priceless product, born from the expertise of Levira Distillery.

  • Adamus comes from the greek word Adamas that means diamond, because our super premium gin as well as our bottle was made, designed and shaped like a diamond always reflecting a sublime spirit.

    The first year that ADAMUS Dry Gin was produced was in 2015 with a limited series of 4448 bottles. Each year we produce a limited number of bottles.

Distillation Process

To create Adamus Dry Gin, 86 different botanicals were tested, distilled in various processes and from these, we selected the best 18, with one interesting singularity: this is the only gin in which one of the botanicals is the Bairrada's famous grape variety - Baga.

The natural botanicals that we selected are individually distilled in the traditional distillation coppers through steam distillation.

These individually selected distillates are mixed in perfect proportions, respecting the special and distinct ADAMUS Dry Gin recipe.

Distillation process of Adamus gin

Adamus Special Bottle

Adamus Special bottle upright and lying horizontally
  • The bottle was developed to be on the same level as the gin, that's why each bottle was projected to be a diamond and the cork emphasizes the naturalness of this drink.

  • Everything in adamus is unique Everything in Adamus is unique: the bottling, the numbering and the packaging of every bottle are carried out manually with commitment and dedication so we can have a complete control of each gin bottle.

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