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5 New Year Resolutions for Gin Lovers

5 New Year Resolutions for Gin Lovers

The turning of the year is, for many, the ideal moment to make new year’s resolutions. Going back to the gym, start eating healthy or changing habits are just a few of the most common desires, but today, we propose something different: how about deepening your gin knowledge in the new year? We have a few ideas to make 2021 a gin-tastic year!

1- Improve your cocktail game

Have you ever tried making gin cocktails? You might create the perfect gin and tonic, but there’s a lot more to explore! And you don’t have to start with difficult cocktails - we even have great suggestions in our blog for you to start with.
Gradually experiment with new ingredients and recipes - we assure you that you’re gonna have a great time and impress your friends!

2- Add a special condiment while you’re baking

Do you think gin should only stick to drinks? There’s an array of other options to explore! If you like baking, know that a touch of gin can make a big difference - depending on the recipe, of course. And to prove that we’re saying the truth, we leave you two suggestions: a gin-soaked carrot cake and even these delicious raspberry cupcakes.

3- Grow your own herbs

If you like spices and enjoy taking care of plants, why not grow a few herbs? Mint, rosemary, basil, thyme or estragon...There are lots of options that can add many new flavours to your cooks and while you’re at it, to your gin cocktails! Check our blog to discover a few great garnishes for your gin.

4- Create your own gin bar

You are getting more and more involved in the gin world, but you feel like something’s missing? The next step is to create your gin bar at home! Invest in quality accessories - like our Adamus glasses or even bar mat - and don’t forget to add to your list a few essential utensils, like the ones we recommend you in this article.

5 - Host a Gin tasting session

Now that you improved your gin skills, increased your spices stock and even created a gin bar at home, there’s only one thing left to do: host a gin tasting! Select 3 to 5 cocktails of your preference, gather your friends, and to make it even more special, add a few snacks that will perfectly match the drinks and delight your guests!

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