Which are the best moments to drink Adamus? Find our tips – ADAMUS
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Which are the best moments to drink Adamus?

Which are the best moments to drink Adamus?

A special drink

Adamus comes from the greek word Adamas, that means diamond, not only because it is a priceless product, but because the bottle was also designed and shaped like a diamond, always reflecting a sublime spirit.
With 18 natural botanicals carefully chosen by our botanicals masters, Adamus is a handcrafted super premium gin from Portugal. One of these botanicals is the wine grape that only grows in Bairrada, a small region of this country, making it the only gin in the world with this botanical.

So, you are probably thinking, such a special drink but when should I drink it?
Well, you can drink it whenever you want, but we believe there are some moments in which the experience will be even more amazing than just the regular occasions.

Lunches & Dinners with friends and family

Whether you are hosting a lunch or a dinner at your home, it is always a great idea to surprise your guests with an Adamus bottle. There’s nothing better than drinking this floral gin after the meal. Even those friends who usually don’t drink gin will fall for this spirit. You can even surprise them with some of our favourite cocktails.
If you are invited to a lunch or a dinner at someone’s house and you want to take something so you don’t arrive empty-handed, you should consider taking an Adamus bottle. It will not only create some amazing moments but it will also be a decorative piece for every house.

After an exhausting day

You got home after work, it was an exhausting day and you need to recharge your batteries and just relax for a while? Nothing better than doing it with an Adamus gin. Just watch your favourite movie or put your favourite music and appreciate this drink calmly, never rushed.

Birthday party

As many people say “Life is worthy of appreciation and celebration”, so let’s celebrate it with style and class. This is a perfect occasion to offer an Adamus bottle and drink it with your closest friends. A birthday party is a unique event, that happens once in a year, so let’s celebrate it with a limited edition premium gin.

Romantic date

Are you having a romantic date at home and you and your other half usually drinks and appreciates gin? This is the perfect moment to surprise your loved one. The conversation will flow and an unforgettable moment will be created, but be careful because this drink can easily disappear when appreciated with the right company.

We always believe that our premium gin is best shared with your perfect match and closest friends.

If you want to know more about Adamus, click here.

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