The story of Adamus Dry Gin and our Distillery - The complete story. – ADAMUS
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The story of Adamus Dry Gin and our Distillery

The story of Adamus Dry Gin and our Distillery

Our Distillery

The history of Levira Distillery dates back to 1923, when our wine producing family from a small region called Bairrada in Portugal decided to build a traditional distillery to produce grape marc spirit. However, it was only in the second millennium that we decided to diversify our activity pursuing a constant innovation, development and investment, being today a reference in the various spirit drinks market and Iberian leader in this sector.
Many decades of experience allied with a continuous search for differentiation, a great passion and technical know-how were relevant to the development of this dry gin.

The Story of Adamus

Levira Distillery has almost a century of history and Adamus is the jewel in the crown of our Distillery.
Some stories are born from legends and myths and others are born from concrete facts. That is the case of Adamus, which has its roots in the year of 2014, as the result of the learning and know how of 4 different generations.
With the goal of bringing something completely new and special to the spirit drinks market, ADAMUS is the personification of a new brand where coexist values, experiences and techniques under the motto “Sublime Spirit”.

Adamus is the special gemstone with the shape of a diamond and unique and distinct flavours. This is a super premium gin, projected to be a diamond with a natural cork stopper, an integral part of a natural product.
The bottling, the numbering and the packaging of every bottle are carried out manually with commitment and dedication so we can have a complete control of each gin bottle and to guarantee that each bottle is a special and unique object.

The Distillation Process

By the special hands of our botanicals masters and our long experience in creating spirit drinks, we created Adamus, a super premium gin, the result of the best raw materials and the best and most special botanicals of Portugal.
Developed with passion, this dry gin is the result of various distillation techniques and insightful combinations that turn this gin in one of the most perfect ever.
To create Adamus, we did an intense research to find the best and most special botanicals. 86 botanicals were tested and after various distillations and laboratory tests, we selected the best 18. These natural botanicals are individually distilled in the traditional distillation coppers through steam distillation.

Adamus Dry Gin

The first year that ADAMUS Dry Gin was produced was in 2015 with a limited series of 4448 bottles.
It has a characteristic flavour, which can be considered intense and smooth. With a perfect distillate of 44,40% Alc., it is a super premium gin, with floral and citrus notes derived from the 18 natural botanicals wisely chosen by our botanicals masters.
It is delicately infused with the aromatic flavours of the botanicals, giving this gin a special aroma.
This sublime and unmistakable gin was specially created to be appreciated by the most demanding gin lovers. It distinguishes itself by the blend of botanicals, including some of the most common such as: juniper, hibiscus, orange, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and some bolder such as the Baga’s grape, salvia, lavender and others that we cannot reveal, because they are part of the secret that makes this gin so special and unique.

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